1.5 Tonne Excavator: Kubota KX015-4

Powerful digging force and a wide working range makes the KX015-4 ideal for working in location ranging from large construction sites to roadsides or residential areas.

2.5 Tonne Excavator – Kubota U27-4

The U27-4 has the largest cab among any 2.5 tonne excavator in the market. The extensive field of vision and a wider and lower entrance for easy cab entry and exit, the U27-4 makes light work of even the most demanding jobs.

5 Tonne Excavator – U48-4

This advanced 4.7 tonne machine is designed with excellent stability to work efficiently even where space is confined. Versatility is greatly enhanced with two auxiliary circuits as standard (L spec model only) and precise oil flow control. With upgraded digging and lifting power and smoother travel performance, this Kubota truly has it all

13 Tonne Excavator – Komatsu PC130

Thoughtfully designed to be under 29,000 lbs., the PC130-11 is nimble and can easily handle a wide variety of utility work or small construction jobs, providing a versatile workhorse for you as your business expands and grows.

21 Tonne Excavator – Komatsu PC210

Designed to improve your productivity, the PC210LC-11 is a mid-size hydraulic excavator with enhanced engine and hydraulic pump control logic that improves multi-function speed.

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